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What Is Online Conveyancing?

As technology steps in to solve many of our problems, conveyancing too is going online and you might have seen an Ad or two for online conveyancing. Basically, it’s just a different way of getting a conveyancer. Here you source a firm online and you get do deal with them online too instead of the customary face to face.

How Does It Work?

With online conveyancing, you log in to an online conveyancing firm site and seek to get a particular service done. This could be updating a title, sale of a property, home purchase, mortgage and so forth. You then get a quote for the services. Online conveyancing is almost always cheaper than the alternative.

Once you get a quote, you then get a form where you tick the particular services you’ll need. When you need to submit documents, you may have to fax, scan or mail them.


Different types of online conveyancing

There are different forms that online conveyancing could take. It’s not easy to generalize the whole industry because they are all independent and therefore handle cases differently.


You might find a ‘factory’ type where a group of people who may not be necessarily well trained working under supervision and you have no idea who is dealing with your property. It has been referred to as the ‘treadmill’ approach where anyone can pick your case and you just get updated on the progress.


There are other companies where you do get assigned to a specific conveyancer whom you get to speak with via phone and ask any direct questions you may have regarding your case. Here, the association is more personal. You may or may not get to choose who you get to work with.


Other online conveyancing types of companies work as sourcing fronts. They basically get conveyancers from various firms and get them to work online for various clients. Their fees include the sourcing charge which is usually negotiated with the conveyancers beforehand. Here, you get to choose who you work with.


Should I use an online conveyancing firm?

Online conveyancing is pretty new to the scene so people are still sampling the service and the players are still trying to get a firm footing in the business. Some people will attest to having had a good experience and others will take the opposite view.


Bottom-line, everyone should approach an online conveyancing company just like any other, especially if you are relocating. You should seek to know who will be handling your case and what their qualifications are. Do they work under a specific conveyancing firm or legal firm? Are they a member of any association or accreditation body? It might be harder to find these out online but nevertheless important. Also remember that most mortgage firms have a list of approved conveyancers so check on that too.

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